The 1st Global Healthcare Conference will take place from 21-22 May 2019 at the Institute of Directors (IOD), in London, UK. This international event will bring together leading UK medical tourism agencies, insurance companies, hospitals and specialists, and representatives from Turkey’s most prestigious private healthcare facilities to promote Health & Medical tourism between the two countries.

Event Name: Global Healthcare Conference

Location: IOD-Institute of Directors, London-UK

Date: 21-22 May 2019

Event Type:Global Healthcare Conference and B2B Meetings

Project Directory Team

  • Project Group Director: B. Kemal Şahin
  • Project Sales Manager: Christine Fox
  • Project Marketing Manager: Betül Arslan

Turkish Participant Profile

  • Private Hospitals
  • Public and University Hospitals
  • Medical Tourism Agencies
  • Private Clinics
  • Thermal Health Facilities
  • Geriatrics Centres
  • Aesthetic Centres
  • Dental Clinics
  • Traditional and Complementary Medical Centres
  • Airport Companies
  • NGOs

UK Visitor Profile

  • NHS (National Health Services) Authorities
  • Private Insurance Companies
  • Private Hospitals
  • Local Clinics
  • UK based Turkish Specialists
  • Medical Tourism Agencies
  • Doctors
  • Individuals