The ease of worldwide travel and the pressure on individual and public healthcare budgets have increased the importance of health tourism throughout the world.

The aim of the Global Healthcare Conference is to create and develop business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors by  bringing together national and international health travel stakeholders in Turkey and the UK, and to introduce Turkish healthcare providers and thermal centres in the international area, contributing to development of health travel collaboration between Turkey and the UK.

Turkish participants will be JCI accredited Private Hospitals and Medical centres that are candidates for Medical Travel accreditation from the Turkish Ministry of Health, together with Thermal facilities, Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics and Geriatric Centres.

  • Unique geographical location between Europe and Asia – 4 hours flying time from London and 6 hours flying time from 60% of the world
  • Excellent Quality of Health Care
  • Excellent Quality of Tourism Service
  • First Class International Quality Private Health Sector
  • First Class International Quality City Hospitals and Public Hospitals
  • Health Professionals with world leading levels of expertise and training
  • Unique natural facilities and historical riches
  • Cost Advantage
  • Having many JCI accredited hospitals